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A Breaking Bad Bar Will Open in a London RV

Attendees will have to "cook" their cocktails.

Breaking Bad/Facebook

Bust out the meth (okay, don't actually) because a Breaking Bad-themed cocktail bar is setting up shop in London. According to the Evening Standard, the pop-up, which will launch in July, will be named ABQ after the TV show's setting in Albuquerque. The bar will actually be inside a converted RV — another allusion to the popular show — and drinkers will have to the chance to "cook" their own cocktails.

ABQ will be armed with "gas masks, smoke, and equipment familiar from your chemistry classes," as well as with "expert mixologists" to help guests with the process of "cooking" cocktails. There will be room for about 20 drinkers at a time, and each two hour sessions will cost £30 ($46.60 USD). The launch date has not been decided yet, but the pop-up should remain open for three months.

The news of the pop-up comes just weeks after the show's creator Vince Gilligan revealed that a real life version of the show's fictional chicken restaurant is on the horizon. During an AMA Gilligan admitted that a businessman approached him and wants to make Los Pollos Hermanos an actual chain.