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Chipotle's Steve Ells Is America's 27th Highest Paid CEO

Starbucks' Howard Schultz is the 65th.

Fernando Leon/Getty Images

Chipotle's Steve Ells is America's 27th highest paid CEO of a public company. According to a new analysis from data research company Equilar, Ells is the second highest paid CEO of a food company, trailing behind Aramark's Eric Foss, who comes in at 22.

Ells made $28,924,270 last year, which appears paltry compared to the salaries of CEOs that fall in the top 10.. Go Pro's Nicholas Woodman raked in $77,427,175 and Microsoft's Satya Nadella made $84,308,7550. Regardless, he and co-CEO Montgomery Moran — who ranks 31st — are facing severe backlash from shareholders over their high compensation plans.

Other high ranking food CEOs include Starbuck's Howard Schultz (65), who made $21,466,454 last year. This is more than the CEOs of Johnson & Johnson, Hewlett-Packard, and Wells Fargo. PepsiCo's Indra K. Nooyi came in at 81, beating out Coca-Cola's Muhtar Kent, who is ranked at 91.