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Pizza Hut Employees Scrawl KKK and Swastikas on Customers' Order

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The employees were fired.

Pizza Hut/Facebook

When people aren't writing racial slurs on receipts, they are apparently writing them on pizza boxes. According to Fox 16, two men, Samonte Wallace and Bryan Reed, placed a to-go order at their local Pizza Hut in Arkansas over the weekend. Under the lid of the box, the men found a surprise: There were racial slurs, the letters KKK, and a drawing of a swastika. Reed tells the news station, "It just shows that racism is still alive and hatred towards us [exists] for no reason."

Wallace's mother reported the incident to Pizza Hut's corporate office and says that the men were offered a free dinner. The company tells Fox 16 in a statement that the actions of the employees involved "are inexcusable and have resulted in their termination... We extend that sincere apology to everyone who was offended by this ignorant act."

For both Wallace and Reed, the employees being fired is not enough. Wallace notes, "I don't want it. I can't eat Pizza Hut again. I won't." The men say they did not get a direct apology from the chain and have filed a police report. The police are currently investigating the incident as a hate crime. The duo plan to seek legal action and they claim they are getting checked out at the hospital because the pizza could've been "tampered with." Check out the local news story below: