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Man Steals 1,000 Eggs and Intends to Eat Every Last One

Ironically, he was a security guard.


Of all the things to steal from your employer, a bunch of eggs may not be the first item that comes to mind. But that's precisely what a 47-year-old security guard at a factory in Pinghu City, China had his eyes set on, says the Metro.

After police spotted the man "smuggling two suitcases of stolen goods out of the factory where he worked," they went to his home and discovered a refrigerator full to the gills with more than 1,000 pilfered eggs. In an impressive display of foresight for someone troubled enough to execute such an egg heist, he had painstakingly dated each egg with a pen to ensure he could eat them all before they went bad.

Police also found plenty of other stolen items in the house including meat, soap, and boxes of tissues. "I have stolen everything in my house," the security guard is quoted as saying. Sounds like he might be in the market for a new profession soon.