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Sorry, This Gin and Tonic Ice Cream Won't Get You Drunk

You can thank the UK for this one.

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Jude's Ice Cream/Facebook

One of the world's most beloved classic cocktails can now be eaten with a spoon. London gin producer Sipsmith has teamed up with an ice cream company called Jude's for a new gin and tonic ice cream, reports the Telegraph.

Boozy ice cream can be tricky to make thanks to alcohol's resistance to freezing, but the new creation circumvents that problem by instead combining the flavorful botanicals used in the production of Sipsmith's London dry gin — "juniper berries, citrus peel, liquorice root and ground almonds, among others" — with tonic and lemon. Pints of Jude's Gin & Tonic will be available beginning June 1, but good luck getting it shipped across the pond.

The UK seems to have a strong affinity for weird ice cream flavors: 90s Brit-pop band Blur recently announced it was creating an ice cream to pair with its new album, and then of course there's the issue of that breast milk ice cream.