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Sword-Wielding Bandits Terrorize Pizza Delivery Drivers in Ohio

Thankfully, no one got hurt.


It looks like Zorro is now in the pizza robbery business: According to Fox 19Men wielding swords robbed two pizza delivery drivers over the weekend in Cincinnati. The first crime took place on Saturday night: A 38-year-old Domino's delivery man told police that he was "delivering pizza when he was approached by four men armed with swords." One of the criminals held a sword to the driver's throat while searching the victim's pockets for money. The men with swords then jumped on bicycles — their elegant getaway vehicles of choice — with the delivery man's cash.

The following evening, three men holding swords approached a delivery driver from another local pizzeria and "forced him to hand over his phone and money." There is no word on whether or not they rode off on bikes again. Neither driver was hurt, and the police are currently on the hunt for the suspects.

While being held at sword point is rare, it's unfortunately not uncommon for delivery drivers to be robbed. Earlier this year, a group of armed 16- to 20-year-olds wearing black skullcaps kept stealing from delivery personnel in Chicago. Just a few weeks before that, a Papa John's driver walked into what was believed to be a set up for carjacking and heist. But she managed to shoot the criminal in the face and get away.