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A McDonald's Bars Customer from Buying Meal for Homeless Person

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Once you purchase food from a restaurant it's yours to do what you please with — right? Maybe not: According to the Inquisitr, a McDonald's in Manchester, England refused to serve a teenager who was trying to buy food for a homeless man.

19-year-old Charlotte Farrow says she was headed to work when she ran into a homeless man who was in need of a meal. The two went into the restaurant and Farrow tried to order food, only to be told "that they were unable to serve her because she was buying the meal for the homeless man. They went on to say that McDonald’s new policy says that they are no longer serving the homeless."

The Inquisitr quotes a McDonald's rep as saying, "We can confirm that it is not McDonald’s policy to refuse to serve homeless people and apologize for any confusion caused. We will be reiterating this policy to all team members."

While the fast food giant denies the existence of such a company policy, perhaps this particular location has an unofficial rule of its own: Earlier this month staff at the very same McDonald's denied service to a gardener, claiming that he "looked homeless."

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