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Beer Drinkers Admit Corona is Gross, Buy Tons of it Anyway

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Sales are up — way up — for the Mexican beer.

Jirka Matousek/Flickr

Why is the skunky swill known as Corona enjoying a major sales surge? It's all about that marketing, baby. Business Insider reports that "Sales of Corona are soaring, despite the Mexican beer's horrible taste ratings."

As other macrobrews lose market share to the booming craft beer movement, Corona's sales are up 16 percent; it's now the fifth best-selling beer in America. This is despite the fact that, as BusinessWeek points out, it has a 1.69 out of 10 rating on the popular beer review site RateBeer. The surge in Corona sales is probably not attributable to the beer's flavor, but rather, its clever palm tree-laden marketing that "specifically aims to get people to buy the beach-friendly beer in the winter months." Got that, Budweiser? Beaches over Clydesdales.