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Chinese Hot Pot Restaurant Offers Bizarre Mini Skirt Discount

The discount ranges from 20 to 90 percent based on skirt length.


File this one under strange discounts: A hot pot restaurant in Jinan, China is offering customers who show up in mini skirts up to a 90 percent discount.

According to the Daily Mail, the percent off a patron's meal is determined by the amount of leg bared: Skirts three inches above the knee merit a nominal 20 percent off, while those who dare to take their hemlines 13 inches above the knee get a whopping 90 percent off their meal.

Yang Jia Hot Pot's founder tells the Daily Mail, "This is the low season for hot pot restaurants. We wanted to start a promotional campaign that could attract our core audience." He claims the odd discount brought in 50 tables of customers in one day, though it's not clear who exactly their "core audience" is — women with defined calves, perhaps?

There's also no mention of whether or not the discount would be offered to any men who might be bold enough to show up in a mini skirt. At any rate, it's probably better than the Chinese restaurant that made headlines last year for offering a weirdly sexist sliding scale discount that rewarded overweight men and thin women.