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Watch Hugh Jackman Teach Jimmy Fallon How to Eat Vegemite

"Vegemite is not like Nutella."

Australian actor Hugh Jackman stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to teach host Jimmy Fallon how to eat Vegemite. The yeasty spread is quite popular in Australia, but Fallon is no fan. Jackman is convinced that this is because he has never eaten it in the correct way ("Vegemite is not like Nutella. You can't scoop it on. It's refined, you can only spread a little bit.") Jackman proceeds to bust out a toaster and two pieces of "the crappiest bread possible," — a must, according to the actor — to show Fallon how it is done. Go watch to see if Jackman managed to convert Fallon into a Vegemite-loving comedian.