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KFC Releases Absurd Video Game As Part of Its Hipster Makeover

It involves face-punching and saving babies.

KFC is on a mission to reinvent itself. The extensive rebranding of the fried chicken chain is a multi-faceted effort that includes reviving the iconic Colonel Sanders figure — now played by Saturday Night Live alum Darrell Hammond — but the best part is undoubtedly the strangely addictive online video game called ColonelQuest.

The 8-bit Atari-style game, which KFC promises is "historically accurate," takes players on a journey through the Colonel's life; in one level, the Colonel must bounce flying babies off a trampoline (an ode to Sanders' time spent as an "amateur obstetrician"). "Catch as many babies as you can so the Colonel won't get sued for malpractice!" the game instructs. There's also a "Courtroom Brawl" level in which the Colonel — "an aspiring lawyer," notes the press release — has to face-punch his client to earn a golden drumstick.

The new television campaigns — which have a softly-lit, Instagram-filtered sort of visual appeal — featuring Hammond launch May 25. Other changes include store redesigns, new packaging and staff uniforms, and the introduction of "Finger Lickin’ Good sauce", made with KFC's signature Original Recipe seasoning. It all adds up to an $185 million effort to turn things around following a decade of decline for the chicken chain, says Buzzfeed's Venessa Wong.

Of course, KFC's not the first #brand to attempt to snare those elusive millennials with a video game: Denny's partnered with Atari last year to introduce culinary-themed revamps of classic games for its mobile app.

Check out one of KFC's hip new ads featuring the Colonel, below: