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OpenTable Is Bringing Its Pay-by-App Option to More Diners

No need to pull out your wallet at dinner anymore.

Reservations app OpenTable wants to make paying for dinner as easy as possible. According to a press release, OpenTable's existing mobile payment app — OpenTable Pay — has been integrated with Aloha, a popular point-of-sale system used at many restaurants. This will make the payment feature available to a greater number of diners by second half of 2015.

Here's how the pay-by-app option works, per OpenTable:

To pay with OpenTable, diners who book at participating restaurants simply add a credit card in the OpenTable app before they dine and then view and pay their check on their smartphone. There's no separate app to download; no codes to enter; and no scanning or barcodes involved. Diners who pay with OpenTable simply get up and go whenever they're ready.

As Eater's Ryan Sutton pointed out last fall, the technology has "the potential to eliminate the ignominy of having to wait around for the check — as well as that awkward moment when, through the lens of alcohol, diners are expected to add 20 percent to the bill." An OpenTable video promoting the mobile payments feature also makes the case that said capability could help you escape a bad date more quickly, so there's that. Go, watch: