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Guy Fieri Is Opening Altars to Donkey Sauce in Abu Dhabi and Mexico

He announced the expansion during an interview at a race track.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Is Donkey Sauce impresario Guy Fieri spreading his righteous rojo rings to the Middle East? In an interview with The Buzzer's Daryl Motte — his dark haired doppelgänger — at the Charlotte Motor Speedway (where he was fulfilling his life's purpose as the Grand Marshal of a Nascar race), Fieri revealed that he is "getting ready to open [a restaurant] in Abu Dhabi." Fieri drops another bomb, adding that he is "going to do a couple of joints" in Mexico soon, too.

Many restaurants like Taco Bell and Shake Shack offer local spins on their menu items, but will Fieri modify his brand of over-the-top Americana for his new customer base? Should the world brace for Tatted Up Tacos and a menu of Krazy Kraft Kebabs? Or will he just force Dragon's Breath Chili and "apocalyptic marinara" down the gullets of a new set of unsuspecting diners?

Either way, there's no denying that Fieri is turning into quite the spiky haired empire builder. Not only does he have restaurants in Las Vegas, New York, and throughout California, he is also opening a number of eateries in association with Live Nation amphitheaters. Check out the interview below: