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The Top Ten Food and Restaurant Moments From 'Mad Men,' Ranked

Raise a glass.


Last night, AMC's Mad Men ended its seven-season run, resolving for viewers the fate of one Donald Draper, dapper advertising executive, sometimes con artist, eternal womanizer, and drunk dreamer. Storyline aside, it was a powerful night for many fans because of the effect Mad Men has had on popular culture in the last decade. This show single-handedly brought the gin martini back, sexualized the power lunch, and stirred nostalgia for iconic food brands like Howard Johnson's and Coca-Cola.

So to say good-bye, here they are: the ten best moments in food and drink for Don Draper, Betty Frances, Roger Sterling, Joan Harris, Peggy Olsen, and the rest of the Mad Men clan.

10. Pete throws dinner out the window in "The Mountain King" from Season 2, Episode 10 (Air Date: October 19, 2008)

9. An ice cream sundae stars in a loaded scene between Betty Draper and her daughter Sally in "Tea Leaves," Season 5, Episode 3 (Air Date: April 1, 2012)

8. New York City's Barbetta served as a date night spot for Don Draper and Bethany, a society girl, in "The Summer Man." The theater district restaurant that is still in operation today. In other episodes, the show is filmed on location, but that was not so in this clip from Season 4, Episode 8 (Air Date: September 12, 2010)

Video: Barbetta on Mad Men

7. Though a Life cereal pitch flops in the conference room, Don Draper ultimately saves the day by calling the cereal "the cure for the common breakfast" in "Waldorf Stories," Season 4, Episode 6 (Air Date: August 29, 2010)

Video: Life Cereal on Mad Men

6. Benihana in "The Chrysanthemum and the Sword." Don Draper, ostensibly doing research to win a potential Japanese client, visits a Benihana Japanese Steakhouse restaurant in New York City. | Season 4, Episode 5 (Air Date: August 22, 2010)

Video: Benihana on Mad Men

5. Burger Chef: A hard-won and longtime account for SC&P, the chain of burger restaurants was also the scene of an especially inspiring moment for Peggy, Pete, and Don in "The Strategy," Season 7, Episode 6 (Air Date: May 18, 2014)

Video: Burger Chef on Mad Men

4. Howard Johnson's plays a major part in the fifth season of Mad Men, "Far Away Places." Don and Megan take a road trip to the flagship HoJo's in Plattsburgh, N.Y. After a tasting of the menu, he asks his wife: "Would you say it's a delightful destination?" Megan replies: "It's not a destination, it's on the way to someplace." Season 5, Episode 6 (Air Date: April 22, 2012)

Video: Howard Johnson's on Mad Men

3. The original New York City Playboy Club hosted a raunchy testosterone-fueled scene with Lane Pryce, his father, and Don Draper. Season 4, Episode 10 (Air Date: September 26, 2010)

Video: The Playboy Club on Mad Men

2. LA's Canter's Deli is the scene of a meeting between Don and Pete in the Season 7 premiere. Though Pete is homesick for New York, he notes that the deli is a place where New Yorkers feel at home: "The New Yorkers here, they brought as much as we need. The bagels are terrible." Season 7, Episode 1 (Air Date: April 14, 2014)

Video: Canter's Deli on Mad Men

1. Don Draper's next masterpiece: "I'd like to buy the world a Coke," says the McCann Erickson Coca-Cola advertisement circa 1971. | Season 7, Episode 14 (Air Date: May 17, 2015)