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Horror Film About Cannibalistic Celebrity Chef in the Works

It's called "Eaten."


There's a new film in the works about a celebrity chef with a surprising dark side. According to Screen Daily, UK-based production company Catalyst has hired BAFTA-nominated director Caradog James (The Machine) to direct a culinary horror film called Eaten. The movie — written by Rob Green — centers around a "notorious celebrity chef who belongs to an exclusive and upscale New York cannibal ring."

Producer Charlotte Walls tells Screen Daily that Giles Bonham-Hess, the film's lead character, is "charismatic and repulsive in equal measure." She adds that the film is a chance to "explore the dark tastes of the privileged super-rich."

As for that viewers can expect out of the film, Green says, "Imagine a top celebrity chef with the gourmet talents and bravado of Gordon Ramsay and tastes of Hannibal Lecter." Does this mean that viewers should brace for wine made from human organs and pastries made from flesh? The team aims to shoot the movie the next 12 months. No release date or information on the cast is currently available.