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Starbucks Fires Employee Who Yelled at Customer About Cookie Straws

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The company also gave the customer a $100 gift card.


The Starbucks worker that completely lost her marbles over a cookie straw has been fired. Last week, a video of an employee of a New York City Starbucks ranting and shouting at a customer went viral. The employee got upset after the customer initially failed to provide a name to write on the cup. The customer, Ruby Chen, wrote about her experience on Facebook and revealed that the worker told her to leave the store and never come back before accusing her of stealing a cookie straw.

A spokesperson for the coffee giants tells NBC that the employee — who was a shift supervisor, not a manager as previous reports indicated — was fired as soon as Starbucks learned about the situation: "This customer's experience is not reflective of the service our partners provide to customers every day."

Chen says that Starbucks reached out to her to tell her that they are "taking her complaint seriously." The company also offered her a $100 gift card — which could buy Chen 100 cookie straws in the future, but without all the yelling.

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