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Oreo's New S'Mores Flavor Requires No Campfire

The cookies will be available starting May 22.


Rumors circulated back in February that Nabisco was releasing a new s'mores flavored Oreo. But, a spokesperson for the company refused to confirm its existence even though there were Instagram images of the cookie — which should henceforth just be called a s'moreo — floating around the internet. According to a press release, the flavor is very real and features the brand's first-ever graham cracker cookie. The limited-edition Oreo, which is filled with a chocolate and marshmallow creme, hits stores May 22.

The cookies — which have a slight hint of salt — are the just latest dessert-flavored Oreo creation. Other available flavors include cookie dough, candy corn, root bear float, caramel apple, and even red velvet. At this rate, a Cronut-flavored Oreo could very well be right around the corner. Check out images of the cookie below:

[Photo: Daniela Galarza]

[Photo: Daniela Galarza]