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A Texas location of breastaurant Twin Peaks was home to a bloody and violent fight between rival biker gangs on Sunday. According to CNN, a brawl started within the restaurant involving punches, kicks, and eventually chains before it spilled out into Twin Peaks' parking lot. There things turned deadly, writes NBC. The bikers started fighting with brass knuckles, clubs, knives, and guns leaving the parking lot a "blood-streaked battleground." A police spokesperson notes that 192 people — from as many as five different gangs — were arrested and nine bikers lost their lives.

Vox notes that the police knew "some kind of incident was on the horizon," they just didn't realize how violent it would be. Waco Police Sgt. Patrick Swanton tells NBC that the fight "progressed very rapidly," and that he is "amazed" that no innocent civilians were injured or killed. Many civilians and employees of the restaurant took cover in the restaurant's freezer to avoid the shoot-out. Swanton notes that "this is the most violent and gruesome scene" that he has ever had to deal with.

Large contingent of officers from all levels working in cooperation to process one of the worst crime scenes I have seen...

Posted by Waco Police Department on Sunday, 17 May 2015

Swanton adds that the police are frustrated with Twin Peaks. He claims that the company has been "less than helpful in dealing with gangs in the past." Swanton notes that they have tried to work with management to prevent biker gangs from hanging out at the restaurant — which is one of the fastest growing chains in the country — but "they have been of no assistance... Apparently, the management wanted them here."

In a statement, the restaurant chain notes: "We are thankful no employees, guests or police were injured in this senseless violence outside the restaurant, and our sympathies are with the families of those killed." The owner of the franchise at which the blood bath took place says that his management team has had "ongoing and positive" communications with the police. Authorities will shut down the Twin Peaks location for a week. Watch the local news story below: