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Watch Argentina's Francis Mallmann Describe Carnal Meat Lust in 60 Seconds Flat

The newest Nowness video features Argentina's most high-profile chef.

Francis Mallmann, a savant of meat and fire, has spoken and written extensively on the subject of animal flesh. In a new video from the artists behind Nowness, Mallmann spends 60 seconds riffing on the carnal pleasure of eating and interacting with meat. Unsurprisingly, Mallmann doesn't always pick the most tender cuts of an animal — he likes to feel texture in his mouth. "When you eat, you need to be awake... I don't believe in harmony when we eat, I believe in things that are a bit dysfunctional, and meat has to do with that." Further, Mallmann believes eating meat creates a kind of lust between the eater and the eaten. He speaks so directly, so dispassionately that — in contrast to the sound of his voice — it is impossible not to recognize the fervor in his words: "Obviously you need a very good piece of meat... that is waiting for you, for your passion and your heat."