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That Time Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson Got High and Went to a KFC in Amsterdam

They went through the drive-thru.

Rapper Snoop Dogg stopped by the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night. First, he participated in a sketch about a bakery that involved a lot of fake arms and a certain green substance, and then he sat down to tell host Jimmy Fallon about the time he hung out with singer Willie Nelson in Amsterdam. Both musicians are known for their propensity for marijuana and were performing shows right around that stoner's holiday known as 4/20.

Snoop is full of euphemisms: He revealed to Fallon that they were in Nelson's hotel room playing dominos and "enjoying life," — better known as smoking weed. The two "developed a hunger" (a.k.a the munchies) and "naturally" they were both craving KFC, which is apparently a favorite of both Snoop and Nelson. The duo rolled up to the restaurant's drive-thru window and when they received their bucket of chicken, they grabbed "the same piece of chicken at the same damn time." Go, watch to see who got to eat that piece.