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Observe 'Pizza in the Wild,' a Photo Series from Photographer Jonpaul Douglass

Pizza like you've never seen it before.

All photos courtesy Jonpaul Douglass

Has pizza become so ubiquitous that diners are failing to fully appreciate it? Is pizza the new normal? Is pizza basic? For Los Angeles-based photographer Jonpaul Douglass, pizza is the subject of an ongoing photo series titled "Pizza in the Wild" in which the viewer is forced to imagine pizza in the unlikeliest of scenarios, out of context and flung far out of its comfort zone.

All photos courtesy of Jonpaul Douglass

Reached by email, Douglass was able to answer a few questions for us about his work.

How long have you been working on this series?
Since October of 2013.

Is it ongoing or is there an end date in sight?
It is on going. I sometimes feel inspired when traveling to new locations and find appropriate pizza opportunities.

Do you sell prints?
There are a few web sites that sell prints. Global Yodel, Angelo Artistry, and turning art.

What inspired the series?
I thought to create the series when I was walking in the LA arts district on day and I saw a pepperoni pizza graffiti tag in the middle of a large wall. I laughed to myself and imagined pizza throughout an LA wasteland.

Can you tell me more about your approach?
Well, I usually like to find a scene that I might like to photograph, then I put a pizza in it. I think adding the pizza to a scene that works on its own makes it more accessible for the masses.

What kind of pizzas do you use? Is it always the same brand?
Yes, Little Caesars large pepperoni

Do you leave the pizzas where you stage them?
No I never leave them... Unless they are out of my reach after I toss them.

Have you ever eaten a pizza before you were able to stage and photograph it?
I always buy two before I go out... and yes sometimes I am down to one by the time I find a spot to photograph them.