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Yes, a New Pho Documentary Will Be Called 'Phocumentary'

The team behind it is currently raising funds on Kickstarter.


A charming documentary all about pho is in the works. According to the film's Kickstarter page, it's cheekily titled Phocumentary (yes, it's pronounced just like the swear word) and it covers the story of the famed noodle soup and the "impact of Vietnamese cuisine on the world." The entrepreneurs behind the film — Freeman Lafleur and Curtis Bell (who is also a chef) — set out to find the "true history of the dish" and realized along the way how "pho has evolved and adapted to it's surroundings."

The documentary features interviews with restaurant owners, plenty of slow motion pho porn shots, and a look at state of pho today as dishes like pho dumplings and burgers. The duo plans to go to Vietnam to film parts of the documentary.

Lafleur and Bell hope to gather $10,000 to create Phocumentary. Perks for donating include an autographed film poster for $25, an executive producer credit for $500, and a private screening at your favorite pho restaurant for $1,500. So far the pair has raised $385 of their goal with 28 days left to go. Check out a video about the documentary below: