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Hangry Man Loses It When Denied Mac and Cheese at a Rest Stop

The restaurant was out of potatoes too.


Macaroni and cheese, with its gooey yellow complexion, may be one of the most glorious foodstuffs in the world. So, is it really that hard to believe a man would throw a tantrum when a restaurant was out of the one dish he wanted? According to the Associated Press, 47-year-old Kevin Nelson took a break from a long drive at a rest stop on the Pennsylvania Turnpike earlier this week. Hungry and tired he stopped into a Roy Rogers for a bowl of macaroni and cheese. Nelson became "angry and agitated and began to curse" when he learned that the restaurant was out of the dish.

Police say he left to get coffee from another restaurant and decided to try his luck at Roy Rogers again. This time he asked for an order of potatoes, but once again, they were out of the item Nelson wanted. He became enraged and started "throwing condiments over the counter."

Chucking condiments is pretty tame compared to the actions of one hangry New York woman. In February, she backed her Volkswagen Jetta into a local Pizza Hut after the chain reportedly lost the order. The woman then drove off after cracking the restaurant's glass doors and was promptly arrested.