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3D printed meal.
3D printed meal.
3D Printshow

3D printing has a growing presence in the world of food: Hershey's announced that it is installing a 3D chocolate printer at its headquarters and pastry chefs are using the machines to create intricate cake toppers. Now, there's a pop-up restaurant showing just far the technology can go. At this year's 3D Printshow London, there will be a pop-up serving a menu of 3D printed food only. Called 3D Printshow Kitchen, it is the first of its kind, according to

The event's organizers, in partnership with innovation lab FabLab Maastricht, have hired an unnamed "Michelin chef" to serve 3D printed meals. The focus of the menu is "all natural foods," but it also includes a 3D printed chocolate globe. The dessert is not only a functioning map of the world, but it holds various "flavor compartments" inside. The purpose of the pop-up is to show how 3D printing can "[give the world] better methods of manufacturing food and preparing our favorite recipes," and can streamline "the process to offer greater efficiency and perhaps even affordability."

London has played host to a variety of pop-ups over the past few years. Last September, an eater that only served canned seafood imported from around the world. Another restaurateur turned an old double decker bus into a pizza restaurant in February, and later that month, a pop-up bar let customers drink cocktails amongst real owls. The 3D Printshow Kitchen is open May 21-23.