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People Are Selling Blue Bell Ice Cream on Craigslist for Crazy Sums of Money

Advice: don't ever buy ice cream on Craigslist.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

It was inevitable. Despite the recent recall of all of Blue Bell Ice Cream's frozen products because of Listeria fears, some people are apparently still jonesing for the product. So much so, in fact, that people are taking to Craigslist to sell their old tubs of Blue Bell, which has been traced to three deaths and nearly a dozen illnesses. They're also asking for more than what they paid in the grocery store. In some cases, much, much more.

Food Safety News reports that several, mostly in cities in Texas, are hocking their old pints of mint chip and "Krazy Kookie Dough" to satisfy the Blue Bell fans that can no longer find their favorite ice cream in grocery store freezers. This person in Austin is asking for $10,000 for their pint, "purchased mere weeks ago:"

The best bit: that the buyer assumes responsibility for "any Listeria contracted from product" and that they "will not distribute by the spoonful."

This person in Dallas is also selling their ice cream for $10,000 and seems pretty convinced that it's Listeria-free:

This person, also in Dallas, was at least willing to put their own health on the line: "No listeria (I ate the first half and i'm still here). I am willing to sample the blue bell in front of legitimate buyers," the person says. They're also charging a mere $500 for the half-eaten tub:

This person in Houston is offering the mother lode of all deals, though: a mere $5 for... what, exactly, is not clear. A taste? A whole pint? Difficult to suss out, considering the post reads like it was written by someone who may have spent the afternoon huffing permanent marker:

For the record, on the Blue Bell website's FAQ, in response to the question, "Should people eat old Blue Bell products?" The company responds, "Please don't consume Blue Bell products. Instead, please return the product to the store where you purchased it for a refund."