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Eater Today: Arby's Slings Kettle Cooked Chips; KitKat Temporarily Rebrands to 'YouTube Break'

Plus, more employees enroll in Starbucks' tuition program.


To celebrate its 80th birthday and the 10th anniversary of YouTube, KitKat is rebranding 60,000 of its bars to "YouTube Break." Yes, KitKat chose an advertising stunt for its "first major package redesign" in eight decades. The promotion gets stranger: If people say "YouTube my break" into their phones, it will pull up the four trending videos of the day, after playing an ad for KitKats of course. Luckily this temporary rebrand is only happening in the UK, American candy bars are safe — for now.

The meat lovers over at Arby's have introduced a new potato item to the menu — kettle cooked chips. The restaurant is now selling a line of garlic and parmesan-coated chips for $2.29. This makes them pricier than Arby's famed curly fries. They might be more expensive but they are perfect for snacking on while watching a 13-hour commercial of brisket cooking.

Coffee giant Starbucks announced a plan to pay for its employees' college tuition last summer in partnership with Arizona State University. Currently, there are 2,200 employees enrolled in the program — which is only available online — but that number is set to increase. Nearly 1,800 employees applied for spots last month and of the 7,000 people the chain hired in the last month, over half say their main reason for applying was the tuition reimbursement program.