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Restaurant Thieves Left a Trail of Stolen Macaroni Salad Behind Them

They took turns eating the salad as they escaped.


If you're going to steal macaroni salad, it's probably best to not leave a trail of macaroni salad behind you. According to My Fox NY, police were called to Build-A-Burger & Ice Cream restaurant in Mt. Morris, N.Y. on Mother's Day after thieves stole the store's surveillance system, a cash register containing a whopping $29 dollars, and a 10-pound bowl of macaroni salad (hey, robbers get hungry too).

When police started to investigate the crime, they found a "steady trail of macaroni salad" that lead them from the restaurant to where the thieves where hiding out. The three suspects, who were promptly arrested, apparently "took turns eating" the macaroni salad as they made their sloppy getaway. Restaurant owner Debbie Hill tells WHAM, that while she lost money because she had to close down the restaurant to "clean everything up" after the robbery, it did prove that her macaroni salad recipe is a winner: "Obviously it must be good if they took the whole ten pounds of it."

The three men join a long list of dumb food criminals: Earlier this month, a man who robbed a Subway in Chicago was arrested when police found him eating a sandwich at a rival restaurant directly across the street. In February, a Florida man was taken into custody after he tried to steal $3,000 from a Dunkin' Donuts. However, he was a regular at the restaurant and was quickly identified.