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How to Order Domino's Pizza With a Pizza Emoji

The system launches May 20.

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Khushbu Shah/Emoji Ink

Sometimes, ideas straddle the line between utterly idiotic and possibly brilliant. This is one of those ideas. According to USA Today, Domino's plans to launch a new system where users can simply tweet the pizza emoji at the restaurant to place an order. Gone are the days where pressing a couple of buttons on a smartwatch or voicing an order to a virtual assistant on Domino's mobile app seemed convenient. Those methods are entirely too cumbersome and tedious when ordering is now as simple as tweeting an emoji.

The Independent writes that customers simply have to set up an Easy Order account, which involves registering their Twitter handle and entering their topping preferences and payment information. Then users tweet the pizza emoji at Domino's and someone will DM the customer to confirm that they actually want to place an order, and aren't just tweeting about how pizza is bae.

Patrick Doyle, the CEO of Domino's notes, "It's the epitome of convenience... We've got this down to a five-second exchange." Unfortunately, the ordering system — which launches May 20 — will only be available to emoji loving residents of the United States. The move seems like something Taco Bell would have done ages ago if a taco emoji actually existed.