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Man Leaves $9,000 Tip to Be Split Amongst Customers and Servers

He was in the "mood for giving."


A generous customer left a $9,000 tip at restaurant in South Carolina this weekend, but it came with a catch. Huddle House manager Nicki Redd tells WPDE that a man ordered to-go items from restaurant Saturday and left the extravagant tip because he was in the "mood for giving" with Mother's Day right around the corner. However, it wasn't for just one waitress. The man requested that the tip be divided amongst eight different people: $800 was to be given to each of the five customers dining in the restaurant at the time, while the remaining $4,200 was to be divided between the three waitresses at the restaurant.

Bridgette Lengette, one of the customers at the restaurant, was surprised by the man's generosity: "I was extremely happy. $800 is a lot of money to be happy about. We were just eating breakfast, and I didn't believe it at first." However, the money was not given to the customers and waitresses right away. Redd notes that because the man paid with his debit card, the restaurant has to wait for 90 days until the bank clears the transaction so that they can give out the money to the intended parties.

There are a number of stories about generous tippers: In November, a server at a restaurant in Colorado received a $1,000 tip on a $15.61 check. Just a year before, NFL player Tamba Hali dropped a $1,000 tip after dining at a Fogo de Chao in Houston. Perhaps the best megatippers are Tips for Jesus, the anonymous group that travels around the world leaving massive tips in their wake.