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McDonald's Full Menu Will No Longer Be Available at the Drive-Thru

Not all items will be available at the drive-thru.


McDonald's is making a number of changes to its menus. According to the Wall Street Journal, as part of its massive turn around plan to save itself from financial ruin, the chain will reduce the number of items available on its drive-thru menus. In a webcast meeting with franchisees on Monday, executives of the fast food restaurant said that McDonald's "intends to display only the top-selling drive-through items on outside menu boards in an effort to speed up orders and improve service."

Though the company will offer fewer items on its drive-thru menu, it plans to add more items to its "mid price menu" which features dishes priced between $1.50 and $3. This is part of an effort to "appeal to a wider range of customers." Executives say that people have complained that they have to buy from "the high or low end of the menu" but don't have enough of the "so-called midtier items from which to choose." The menu changes also include the addition of frozen and fresh lemonade options this summer.

Franchisees have been pushing the chain for a simplified menu for many months. They say that "hard-to-make" items like McWraps are slowing down their speed and that McCafe espresso drinks use too much electricity. While the chain is looking into paring down its drive-thru menu, it is considering launching an all day breakfast menu at the same time.

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