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90s Britpop Band Blur Is Making Its Own Ice Cream

The ice cream will be sold at the band's upcoming shows.

The Lickators/Facebook

Musicians sell all kinds of merchandise when they go on tour, but classic 90s Brit band Blur is taking branded merch to a whole new level. According to the Guardianthe band will launch their own line of ice cream to be sold during their upcoming UK tour. The flavor, which shares its name with the band's new album "The Magic Whip," will be made in collaboration with "independent ice cream revolutionaries" the Lickators. The ice cream company is perhaps best known for its most recent flavor — pints made with human breast milk in honor of the new royal baby.

Blur's Magic Whip ice cream will feature a vanilla custard ice cream "rippled with raspberry sauce," to mirror the album's artwork. The band plans to sell the ice cream at a handful of co-ops in London in June, as well.

Blur has a history of dabbling in the food world: Bassist Alex James also moonlights as a cheese maker. Most recently, he submitted an application to trademark "Britpop" so that he could launch a drink line that is still in the works.