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Of Course Ikea's Breakfast-in-Bed Cafe Features Ikea Beds

Unfortunately Swedish meatballs are not on the menu.

Chris Goldberg/Flickr

The world's favorite Swedish furniture store wants to capitalize on the concept of breakfast in bed: This month, IKEA launches a pop-up breakfast in bed cafe in East London. Diners are free to reserve beds in lieu of tables — both singles and doubles are available; there are no beds for four — and will be served a traditional Scandinavian breakfast. The pop-up runs from May 18 through May 20.

Scandinavian breakfast typically consists of toast or a pastry, smoked or cured fish, fresh fruit, coffee, and juice. Swedish meatballs and lingonberry sauce are usually served at dinner, so don't expect these at the breakfast pop-up.

Diners will also receive sleep tips from sleep experts during the breakfast, and will get to learn more about Ikea's bedding options.

Though this sounds like a winning marketing stunt, it's worth noting that Ikea missed a big part of why breakfast in bed is so special. The joy of breakfast in bed lies mainly in the act: A loved one (or hired hand) prepares eggs, toast, coffee, and freshly squeezed juice and, so that you can continue to lounge under the covers, brought it to you on a tray. You are then free to nibble and nosh and even go right back to sleep when you're finished.

Will attendees show up in their pajamas and be free to lounge as leisurely as if they were in their own beds? Probably not. Still, it sounds like Londoners will have something to talk about until their next crazy pop-up.