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Jurors Deadlocked in Cop's Lawsuit Against Starbucks

The officer is suing the chain for $750,000.


Earlier this year, a Raleigh police officer sued Starbucks over hot coffee that spilled on his lap, but jurors on the case have not reached a verdict. In March, Lieutenant Matthew Kohr filed a lawsuit against the coffee chain after he spilled coffee on himself when the lid popped off of his drink. The spill resulted in third degree burns. Kohr further claims that the injuries "aggravated his Crohn's disease, and resulted in surgery to remove a portion of his intestine." His wife adds that she lost her "source of emotional support, her social companion and her intimate partner," in this ordeal. WRAL writes that the couple is suing Starbucks for nearly $750,000.

The Associated Press reports jury members on the case told the judge Friday that they were deadlocked 11-to-1. The judge notes that he will "declare a mistrial" if jurors can't reach a unanimous decision after they "resume deliberations" this week.

WRAL notes that Kohr technically received the coffee in question for free. Starbucks has a policy where it gives uniformed officers complimentary drinks. However, Kohr says he has always placed an equivalent amount of money (the price of the drink) in the tip jar each time.