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Olive Garden's New Breadstick Sandwiches Come With Unlimited Breadsticks

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The sandwiches hit the menu on June 1.

Olive Garden/Facebook

Kalehummus, and trendy tapas have not be able to save Olive Garden's falling sales, but can breadstick sandwiches? According to the Associated Press, the Italian chain plans to transform one of its most popular menu items, its signature breadsticks, into meatball and chicken parmigiana sandwiches.

A spokesperson for the restaurant tells the AP that the breadsticks used for the sandwiches "will be a bit shorter and wider than the regular breadsticks." Best of all, like all other dishes at Olive Garden, the breadstick sandwiches come with unlimited breadsticks. The sandwiches hit restaurants June 1.

Olive Garden has spent the greater part of the past year protecting its breadsticks from the clutches of carb-destroying investors. Starboard — a major investor in Olive Garden — was trying to push the chain to end its policy of serving customers unlimited breadsticks, believing that the practice was wasteful. However, Jeff Smith, the CEO of Starboard recently declared his love for "unlimited breadsticks" on Wall Street Week over the weekend, where he also announced the sandwiches. "We're going to use that great brand equity and we're about to come out with breadstick sandwiches." Viva la stunt foods.