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Watch Letterman Reveal the Top 10 Things No One Wants to Hear During Mother's Day Brunch

"Welcome to Hooters."

Late last week on the Late Show, host David Letterman rallied off the top 10 things no one wants to hear during Mother's Day brunch. First, Letterman acknowledges that Mother's Day brings parents and their kids together, even when they live far apart, and that this can be a good thing. He then launches into a glorious top 10 list of the phrases no mother or child wants to hear during a Mother's Day brunch, including these winners: "Surprise! I'm moving in with you," "What's new since last Mother's Day?" and "Mrs. Letterman, will you accept a collect call from Dave?" Letterman finishes off the list with a personal dig at one of New York's most notorious real estate moguls. Go watch the full clip, above.