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Woman Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Rémy Cointreau For Not Paying Her Overtime

She claims she had to work through her lunch hour.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

The lawsuits against booze companies keep on coming in: This morning, news broke that an angry beer lover filed a class action suit against MillerCoors for falsely advertising that Blue Moon was a craft beer, and now, a woman is suing Rémy Cointreau for violating labor laws. According to court documents, Monique Alston, an employee of the liquor brand, has filed a class action lawsuit against the company. Alston and multiple other former and current employees claim that Rémy Cointreau denied them "overtime wages and other pay."

Alston alleges that she was treated as a salaried employee was not paid when she worked through her lunch hour or when she did work at home beyond business hours. Alston claims that she is owned thousands in "retroactive" overtime compensation.

Booze companies aren't the only ones getting into trouble over back wages. Today, news broke that the owner of 13 KFC locations must fork over $375,000 in unpaid over time and other fees to 700 current and former employees. In December, Uncle Bear's Grill & Bar was required to pay employees $115,000 in back wages.