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Eater Today: Pizza Hut's New Two-Foot Long Pizza, Bob Evans to Shutter 20 Restaurants

Plus, Wendy's gets some fancy new green tea.

Pizza Hut's new Big Flavor Dippers Pizza.
Pizza Hut's new Big Flavor Dippers Pizza.
PIzza Hut

Bob Evans announced that it plans to close 20 restaurants by the end of this year. The company would not divulge the locations of the closures but most of the underperforming stores will be closed in May. The chain has been struggling as of late: In December, the company lost its CEO and in March, its stock dropped by 22 percent in one day after a poor earnings report. It probably doesn't help that a family sued the restaurant over the death of their parents that involved tainted meatloaf from Bob Evans.

Disney Parks continues its quest to become the most allergy friendly place on the face of the planet: Ghirardelli shops in Disneyland and Disney World will stop using all peanut products, including peanut butter. The change comes just weeks after Disney announced that it would roll out allergy-friendly menus in nearly 120 of its restaurants.

Nothing pairs with a Wendy's pretzel burger quite like... iced organic green tea? Like many other fast food chains, Wendy's is attempting to add healthier, higher quality items to its menu. According to a press release, the chain will serve an exclusive Honest Tea flavor called Honest Tropical Green Tea which apparently has "hints of mango and pineapple flavors." The tea, which is also Fair Trade Certified, will be brewed daily in each store. Fancy.

Pizza Hut is really pushing the bounds of pizza innovation with their latest creation which features pizza slices that are cut into rectangles instead of triangles. Called the Big Flavor Dippers Pizza, it is a nearly "2-Foot long playful pizza option" that is divided into 24 dipping strips and served with four sauces. There are even 10 different crust flavor options including salted pretzel, but there's no word on whether or not a Doritos-topped stuffed crust will be an option.