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Fox's 'Bones' Spoofed Guy Fieri So Hard Last Night

His name is Chili Reuben and he drives a Spice Mobile.

Watch out America: Guy Fieri has become big enough to be parodied on network television — and the most recent spoof isn't even part of an SNL sketch. Fox's Bones — a crime-focused comedy-drama — is the latest show to take a swipe at Fieri's over-the-top antics. In last night's episode, Booth and Brennan, the show's two main characters, investigate the murder of one Chili Reuben, host of the (fake) show Gettin' Spicy with Chili Reuben.

On Gettin' SpicyEW describes Mr. Reuben as "going from diner to diner and eating a pizza slice on top of a burger." Reuben is credited on the episode with giving the show's recurring restaurant, the Royal Diner, a poor review. Note: the Royal Diner is neither a drive-in nor a dive.

Unfortunately, we don't see much of Reuben in the episode since he's been murdered. An investigation ensues. We learn that Reuben drives a vehicle he affectionately refers to as a "Spice Mobile," that he enjoyed sleeping with waitresses while alive, and that he was a habitual drug user.

The last two tidbits are clearly straight out of a writer's over-active imagination. Guy Fieri might be a mystery deep-fried in an enigma, but he portrays a fun-loving, perhaps right-leaning family man when he's not gunning an engine or pouring donkey sauce on something massive and meaty. Go watch the promo for the episode, below: