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Breaking Bad's Los Pollos Hermanos Could Soon Be a Real Restaurant

The show's creator says there is a businessman who wants to make this happen.


Do you have a gym membership, Breaking Bad fans? You might want to get one soon because Los Pollos Hermanos — the the fictional and beloved fried-chicken shop from the show — may soon become a very real restaurant. According to a Reddit AMA by the show's creator Vince Gilligan, there "is talk of a Pollos Hermanos becoming a real restaurant." Gilligan adds that the idea came from a businessman who "has an interest" in making Los Pollos Hermanos an actual chain. Currently, fans can only visit the Twisters burrito restaurant in New Mexico that served as the location for the fried chicken restaurant on the show.

Reddit users immediately jumped at the idea and started throwing out suggestions for what the restaurant could be like. Ideas included making sure each location had a "guy that looks like Walter White sitting alone eating," and menu featuring ice cream covered with blue Pop Rocks (to look like meth), plenty of Heisenburgers, and Onion Frings.

If Los Pollos Hermanos does indeed open, it's not only good news for fans, but also for the couple that live in the house used as Walter White's home. The house has turned into an unofficial tourist attraction where people attempt to re-enact a scene from the show that involves chucking boxes of pizza at the roof. While the owners are fine with people visiting the home, they are probably thankful that fans may soon have a new place to re-create the show's scenes, and that their roof might one day be cheese and sauce-free.

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