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Google Wallet Now Integrated With Seamless and Dunkin' Donuts

For Android users only.

Courtesy of Google Wallet

Google's mobile payment system, Google Wallet — which links to a user's credit or debit card — is now integrated with online food ordering platform Seamless. Dunkin' Donuts is also now accepting Google Wallet. According to Google's blog, it's now possible to pay for a Seamless order "in as few as two clicks," eliminating the need to enter and save credit card information into the app. However, this option is currently only open to customers who use the Seamless app on an Android platform. Seamless — which still does not support Apple's mobile payment platform Apple Pay — joins ChowNow as one of three restaurant delivery apps working with Google Wallet.

Google Wallet is also now making it simpler for Dunkin' Donuts Android app users to pay for their food. Users can now easily refill their Dunkin' Donuts DDPerks cards with a couple of clicks and no credit card information.

TechCrunch notes that while Google Wallet has been slow to grow — so far only around 30 websites and 30 apps are integrated with the product — it is adding more and more restaurant partners. In addition to Seamless, ChowNow, and Dunkin' Donuts, customers can use Google Wallet to pay for Papa John's, Domino's, Panda Express, Jason's Deli, Quizno's, and restaurant ordering platform Eat24.