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Fast Food Now: Starbucks' Banana-and-Bacon Sandwiches, McDonald's Swanky Sirloin Burgers

Plus, A&W's pastrami-topped burger.

Courtesy of McDonald's

Starbucks Japan is launching a bold and brazen menu of "American-style" sandwiches. So what does Japan think this fine nation eats for lunch? Banana-and-bacon sandwiches with peanut butter, also known as the Elvis. The line-up also includes an egg sandwich made from a Spanish omelet and edamame (two decidedly non-American ingredients), a honey ham and cheddar sandwich on barley bread, a chicken and bacon club sandwich, and a teriyaki chicken sandwich with wasabi mayo.

A&W may not be putting peanut butter on burgers, but they are introducing one topped with pastrami. Called the Deli Burger, it comes with the smoked meat and mushrooms.

McDonald's is also making changes to their burger menu, perhaps in an effort to compete with fast casual spots like Shake Shack: The chain is now selling a trio of swanky "Sirloin Third Pound" burgers. The burgers contain the biggest beef patties on McDonald's menu and come in three versions — Steak House, Bacon & Cheese, and Lettuce & Tomato. Some of them are topped with "beef seasoning" and it looks like they are being served on wooden boards. Which... is an interesting strategy for a fast food chain.