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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Goth rocker Marilyn Manson visited a Denny's in Alberta, Canada where he did indeed receive a Grand Slam, just to his face. According to E! News, the 46-year-old musician was in town to play a concert. After the show, he hit up the local Denny's, as one does. As he was dining, a fellow patron of the restaurant walked up to Manson and punched him in the face.

TMZ writes that the scuffle began when Manson allegedly made rude remarks about the patron's girlfriend, which caused the customer to hit the singer. However, Manson's manager claims that the musician never made any comments towards the woman. In his version of events, Manson took photos with two female fans when "the guy came out of nowhere and hit him in the face." Police say that three people were involved in the altercation, and that only minor injuries were sustained. Police didn't charge anyone with a crime, but Manson tells TMZ that he plans to press charges.

Apparently, 24-hour breakfast restaurants are celebrity hotspots. In February, selfie queen Kim Kardashian went on a late night double date at a Waffle House in Phoenix with her husband rapper Kanye West, swimsuit model/soon-to-be cookbook author Chrissy Teigen, and crooner John Legend.

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