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Bobby and Jamie Deen Are Filming a New Food Network Show 'Southern Fried Road Trip'

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It will likely air later this year.

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Disgraced cooking show host Paula Deen may never appear on Food Network again, but her sons Bobby and Jamie are allegedly in the midst of filming a new show for the channel. According to, the Deen brothers will be in Alabama this weekend to shoot an episode of their upcoming series Southern Fried Road Trip. The brothers have also been spotted filming at restaurants in West Virginia. The last time the world heard from Bobby Deen, he was busy starring on a Cooking Channel show called The Deen of Lean, where he traveled around the country creating healthy makeovers of traditional meals.

If the name is any indication, Southern Fried Road Trip will eschew any sort of health focus. Instead, it apparently follows Bobby and Jamie as they travel around the South "in search of the best local foods." Restaurateur William Vandiver — whose restaurant C.F. Penn's Hamburgers will be featured on the show — says that the premise of Southern Fried Road Trip centers around the brothers "experiencing their childhood memories through food."

While at each restaurant, Bobby and Jamie will "sample the fare," learn how to make signature dishes, and hear stories from customers — which sounds exactly like a Southern version of human lava lamp Guy Fieri's show, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Southern Fried Road Trip will likely air later this year. Eater has reached out to Food Network for more information.

UPDATE 4/8/15: A spokesperson for Food Network notes in an email to Eater that the channel "[has] not announced a new series with the Deen brothers" yet.