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A Look at Preserve, the Anticipated Annapolis Restaurant From Young Gun Jeremy Hoffman

It opens April 15.

Chef and Eater Young Gun Jeremy Hoffman and his wife Michelle are opening a new restaurant in Annapolis, Md. According to a press release, it's called Preserve and is focused on offering "seasonal and sustainable" American cuisine. Hoffman first announced that he planned to open his own restaurant in 2013.

Jeremy — Per Se alum — will serve a lunch menu of dishes like chicken pot pie and oyster mushroom po'boy sandwiches. For dinner, there will be cauliflower steaks with herbed farro, ribeye with beef fat potato salad, and gnocchi served with a chickpea hozon broth. Preserve will also offer brunch plates like fried egg grits, and deviled eggs filled with a spicy turnip mixture. To drink, there will be seasonal cocktails alongside house-made sodas and a range of rotating craft beers.

As the name indicates, the restaurant places an emphasis on pickling, fermenting, and preserving. The 42-seat restaurant features a wall lined with jars of pickled vegetables, jams, and jellies that Jeremy will use in the space's open kitchen. At the end of their meal, guests will also be presented with "retro cookbooks" or "Herb and Pickling at Home" manuals from the 1960's and 1970's. Preserve opens April 15. Check out photos of the space and food above.