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Watch Larry Wilmore Trash McDonald's Controversial Employee Raise

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Wilmore is not lovin' it.

Last night on the Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore tackled the controversial topic of fast food workers seeking higher wages. He posits a question ("Do we pay our fast food workers enough?"), to which he feels there is only one correct response: "If you answered ‘yes,' please pause, take a moment to think about what you said, and punch yourself in the dick." Wilmore then declares he's "not lovin'" the fact that McDonald's decided to give a raise to only 10 percent of its employees. He wonders what the other 90 percent will receive. Wilmore proceeds to open up a Happy Meal to find out, and ends up pulling out his hand giving the world the finger.

He then decides to chat with a mysterious "Mayor X" who is obviously the McDonald's character Mayor McCheese. When Wilmore asks McCheese if it's the government's job to help people get out of poverty, McCheese responds: "Larry, you have to walk a fine line right where you pay people enough money to stay alive but not pay them enough for where they can afford to go out to a crazy place like Ruby Tuesday's or a Denny's." Go, watch.