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Where to Eat at Busch Stadium, Home of the St. Louis Cardinals

Nine innings of hot dogs, barbecue, and at least fourteen places to eat nachos.

Busch Stadium, St. Louis
Busch Stadium, St. Louis
Dilip Vishwanat/Getty

You're going to Busch Stadium to watch the St. Louis Cardinals hit home runs out of the park, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a good meal while you're there. Below, a look at where to eat while the Redbirds are in the house.

Of Note at Busch Stadium

Specialty Fries and Nacho Portable — What could be better than fries AND nachos? Answer: garlic fries, St. Louis-seasoned fries, stuffed potatoes, and build-your-own nachos. There are margaritas, too. Where: Main Level section 131.

Food Network Hot Dog Bar — Get all kinds of fancy dogs at this cart. A favorite from years past has been the St. Louis Dog, which features barbecue sauce, potato chips, and a shredded cheese blend atop a frankfurter. Where: It's a cart across from Main Level section 144.

Farmers Market — Head here for healthier options and gluten-free fare. Where: Main Level section 136.

Main Level

Broadway Barbecue and Ballpark Favorites. [Photos: Baseball Stadium Reviews]

Where to eat on the main level of the field.

El Birdos Cantina and El Birdos Gourmet Nachos — At these two stands, find nachos of all kinds. The cantina serves a set menu, including nachos supreme, nachos with pulled pork, and quesadillas. Need more options? Head to the gourmet stall, where fans of baseball and tortilla chips and excessive toppings can build their own nacho plate. Where: Section 148 and 141 respectively.

Broadway BBQ — Here, get pulled pork and beef brisket sandwiches, turkey legs, cole slaw, baked beans, and non-barbecue basics like chicken tenders and french fries. Where: Section 509 by the bleachers.

Loge Level and Terrace Level

The classics are king in these parts of the stadium.

Left Field Pavilion — Get standards ranging from hot dogs and burgers to nachos, chicken tenders, and ice cream here. Bonus: It's one of the few places that offers a hot cup of coffee in addition to beer. Where: Loge Level section 264-266.

Party Porch Grill — It's got a fun name, but the food here isn't much different than at the other stands in the park. Do look out for the spicy corn nuggets, though. Where: Loge Level section 271.

Riverview Corner — Get the basics here, plus sodas in souvenir cups and cookies-and-cream milkshakes. Where: Terrace Level section 432.

Multiple Locations

[Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty]

These stands have outposts all across the park.

At Ballpark Favorites, find hot dogs, pretzels, nachos, pizza, Polish sausages, pretzels, beer (including local and non-alcoholic options), and sodas. Where: Main Level sections 162 and 169; Terrace Level section 432.

Dizzy's Diner offers the standards, plus all kinds of burgers, chicken tenders, a foot-long corn dog, and the ever-popular ice cream in a take-home mini helmet. To take it a step further, there's also a vegetarian take on chicken and something called the bratzel dog: a bratwurst wrapped in a soft pretzel. Where: Main level sections 139 and 161; Terrace Level section 446.

The Gashouse Grill offers hot dogs and burgers, plus fries, nachos, the typical snacks and drinks, and coffee and hot chocolate for those in need for a caffeine or sugar jolt to get through the seventh-inning stretch. Also served here: fried cannelloni. Where: Main Level sections 132, 146, 150, 154; Loge Level section 233, Terrace Level section 450.

What's a ballpark concessions stand without a pun? Triple Play's offerings run the stadium food gamut, from pulled pork and chicken sandwiches to a variety of hot dogs, nachos, and burgers. Where: Main Level 152 and Loge Level 270.

Fast food chain Hardee's also has two stalls in the park. Get Thickburgers, bacon cheddar fries, milkshakes, and more on Main Level 135 and Terrace Level 358.