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What to Expect from IBM Supercomputer Watson's New Cookbook

The computer won Jeopardy! and now it's taken its first steps toward celebrity chefdom.

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IBM supercomputer Watson has created what is possibly the world's first cookbook created (at least in part) by computer algorithm. According to this CNN Money article, the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) teamed up with Watson and its engineers to co-author Cognitive Cooking with Chef Watson. The book is slated to go on sale April 14.

IBM engineers put massive amounts of recipe data into Watson's processors so that the machine could learn flavor composition, nutritional information, as well as different culinary cultural norms. Watson then came up with flavor combinations of its own, and chefs at the ICE incorporated those into recipes.

Recipes for dishes like Indian Turmeric Paella, Kenyan Brussels Sprouts, and Swiss Thai Asparagus Quiche are expected to be in the book . Watson also does drinks, and has created imbibements like a Plum Pancetta Cider.

This is not the first time the AI system has teamed up with culinary partners. Last year, Watson collaborated with Bon Appétit to create a recipe-generating app that would take ingredients and suggest different flavor combinations.