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Go Look Inside the French Laundry's Kitchen Right Now

Curbed SF gets a sneak peek at the new design.

Rendering courtesy Snøhetta

Boom. Thomas Keller's The French Laundry has completed the first portion of its massive kitchen renovation — a temporary kitchen made out of shipping containers has been erected until a final, slick new kitchen design is complete — and now Curbed SF has the renderings from design firm Snøhetta. Apparently, perfectionist chef Thomas Keller picked Snøhetta to redesign The French Laundry's kitchen because he liked their traffic control work in New York City's Times Square, and wanted to see if the firm could bring that kind of traffic control to his kitchen.

The French Laundry closed late last year to begin renovations on its kitchen; the dining rooms have been unaffected. Thomas Keller Restaurant Group has been keeping fans abreast of the demolition and construction on Twitter for months. Now that the restaurant has reopened with its temporary, shipping container kitchen, reservations are wide open.

Go check out all of the photos of The French Laundry's current (temporary) and future kitchen >>>

The French Laundry

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