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Would You Buy 'Ruth Bader Ginger' Ice Cream From Ben & Jerry's?

A campaign is now underway to get Ben & Jerry's to release a flavor named after the Supreme Court Justice.

Of the 30 or so celebrity-themed flavors Ben & Jerry's has released over the years, only two of them were inspired by women...and those two flavors (one for 30 Rock's Liz Lemon and another for snowboarder Hannah Teter) are no longer available. But a petition is now live on to get the ice cream company to create a flavor honoring Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg AKA "The Notorious RBG." The petition notes:

Ben & Jerry's prides themselves on being a socially responsible company that cares about making a difference, and recognizing the contributions women like Ginsburg have made to the world matters. If Ben & Jerry's make this flavor, they can start a national conversation about why it's important to celebrate women who have helped make our nation great.

The petition currently has 2,722 signatures. Check out more info at