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KFC-Loving Canadians Drove 2,000 Miles to Eat at the Original Location

Oh, Canada.


A group of six men from Canada have given a whole new meaning to the term "bucket list." According to the Times Tribune, two long time friends, Brian Lufty and Neil Janna, and their sons — six people in total — took a road trip from Montreal to Corbin, Kentucky to eat at the original KFC. Lufty had taken the pilgrimage twice before, and wanted to share the experience with his sons.

The men embarked on their 2,000 mile road trip last Thursday, driving straight down to the Harland Sanders Cafe and Museum. Lufty tells the Canadian press, "When we planned this trip, one of the rules was they're not allowed to have Kentucky Fried Chicken until we're in Corbin." The group arrived at the restaurant on Saturday afternoon, where the boys were finally allowed to eat the fried chicken. For Lufty and Janna's sons, it was the first time they had ever tasted KFC.

The men ate, stayed for a handful of hours, and then started on the journey back. All-in-all, the trip amounted to 34 hours of driving, just for the fried chicken. To commemorate the occasion, the men even made t-shirts — though perhaps they should have gone for these gold-plated fried chicken bone necklaces instead.